Top 10 Best Water Purifier in India 2019 Reviews & Buyers Guide

Water is one of the basic needs for survival. Consuming pure, safe, and fresh water keeps you healthy, hale, and hearty. Today, when water pollution is on its peak and rising with each passing day, the need for having the best water filter device has become essential. There are so many water-borne diseases that are fatal and pose a serious threat to health and life. Consuming unpurified water increases the risk of getting infected with different diseases.So, if you are looking for the best water purifier in India , you have reached the right place.

Best water purifiers in india

Here, we have provided a detailed list of the top 10 best water purifiers along with their key features, pros, and downsides. The content below will also give you a fair idea of why investing in an RO water purifier could become the best decision of your life and how you can protect yourself and your family from different diseases.

1. Kent Grand 8-Litre Mineral RO and UV/UF Water Purifier

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Incorporation of advanced technologies has made Kent one of the most trusted water purifiers of the time. Kent Grand has some distinctive features that set it apart from others. While the transparent design makes it look unique, the patented mineral RO technology ensures a complete purification. Great performance and excellent durability have made it one of the most preferred choices among people.
Best water purifiers in india


 Key Features:
• Storage capacity: 8 liters of purified water
• Purification capacity: 20 liters/hour
• Double purification of RO + UV/UF with RO membrane
• Patented Mineral RO Technology
• Inbuilt TDS Controller
• Filter cartridges: Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF & Post Carbon
• Save Water Technology


What sets it apart?

Utilizing double purification with the thin film composite RO membrane, Kent Grand ensures pure and hygienically safe water. It is a wall-mounting device and suitable for the purification of tap and brackish water. Perfect for household and offices, Kent Grand weighs about 9.4 kg and can store up to 8 liters of purified water.

The durability of the body comes from ABS food-grade plastic which is tough against jerks and jolts. The incorporation of advanced Mineral RO Technology and inbuilt TDS Controller retain the essential nutrients in the water, making it safe as well as tasty.

✓  Double purification
✓ Good storage capacity
✓  Less water wastage
✓  Retains essential nutrients in the purified water
✓  Suitable for water from all sources
☓ No indicator for filter change



If you are looking for a simple yet suitable water purifier under an affordable range, Kent Grand could be your choice. Quality purification and excellent after-sale service keep you away from any hustle after the installation of the device and make sure you always drink safe and pure water.

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2. Havells Max 7-liters RO UV Water Purifier

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Havells is one of the leading electronics manufacturing brands. The water purifiers from Havells are highly effective, exceed the expectations, and make a place among top 10 water purifier in India. The amazing 7-stage purification ensures providing 100% pure water with improved taste and quality. Multiple features, compact futuristic design, and perfect storage capacity, all contributes to making it one of the best RO water purifier in India.

Best water purifiers in india


 Key Features:

  • Storage capacity: 7 liters
  • Purification capacity: 5 liters per hour
  • 7 stage purification: Sediment Filter Activated Carbon Filter, RO Membrane, Germicidal UV, Mineralz Cartridge, Silver Impregnated Taste Enhancer, Revitalize Cartridge
  • Voltage fluctuation protection
  • Mineralz and Revitalizer cartridge for extra improved water quality
  • Advanced automatic alerts


What sets it apart?

Unlike other water purifiers where water is purified only through the UF membrane, Havells goes one step ahead and purifies every single drop through RO and UV. Other than this, there are two useful cartridges viz., Mineralz, and Revitalizer that adds the essential nutrients and improves the absorption of minerals, respectively. It makes water healthier and tastier.

You can mount the device on the wall or place it at the tabletop. Another useful feature is it gives advanced automatic alerts for a number of functions like purification process, self-diagnosis, low water pressure, and errors coming while purification through UV, SV or pump.

✓ Soft-touch faucet
✓ Easily removable and contamination proof tank
✓ Flexible mounting
✓ 100% water passes through RO and UV
✓ Automatic alerts and protection from voltage fluctuations
☓ No indicator for filter change

Final summary


With amazing water purification properties and inclusion of advanced features and technologies, this water purifier could be your ultimate choice. We didn’t find any negative points in this water purifier. You can go for it sans any second thought and get a fulfilling experience.

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3. LG Puricare WW180EP RO + UV + UF + Mineral Booster Water Purifier

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With the promise of providing absolute purification and complete protection of water, the LG Puricare gets the status of one of the best RO water purifiers. It is a highly technical and classy looking device that enhances the look of the place as well. With the flexible installation and smart display, it could become one of the smartest gadgets installed at your home.

Best water purifiers in india


Key Features:
• Storage capacity: 8 liters
• Stainless steel tank with dual protection feature
• Filters: Outside Sediment+ Sediment+Pre-Carbon+ RO + UF + Mineral Booster
• Everfresh UV Plus feature
• 2-in-1 Care with secondary valve for cleaning fruits and veggies
• Indicators that alert for filter change and UV sterilization
• Classy design and smart display


What sets it apart?

The inclusion of some unique technological features like EverFresh UV Plus, wherein UV LED provides direct UV radiation that sterilizes the water after storage. This UV cycle starts automatically after every 6 hours, ensuring you drink nothing but clean and hygienically safe water.

Another important aspect is its mineral filter that perks up the water quality by adding essential minerals. It not only makes the water healthier but a lot tastier as well. The five-stage RO filtration system work amazingly to eradicate harmful bacteria, virus, and heavy metals.

The goodness of steel which is far more hygienic than plastic
✓ 94.4% less E.coli growth in 24 hours as compared to plastic tanks
✓ Digital sterilizing care
✓ Convenient and smart design
✓ Mineral booster
☓ High price

Final summary


If installing a smart, classy and superbly efficient water purifier is in mind, and money is not the issue, go with LG RO water purifier without any doubt. With this best RO water purifier, you will get the best experience, and of course a smart gadget at your home.

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4. Livpure Touch 2000 Plus RO+UV+UF Water Purifier with Pre Filter

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Livpure Touch has always been in the list of best water purifiers manufacturing company in India. Coming with the warranty of one year, Livpure Touch effectively removes the impurities and is suitable for all types of water sources. The implementation of unique technology that adds essential nutrients in the water is one of the reasons why people consider it foremost. Along with improving the water quality, it enhances its nutritional value as well.

Best water purifiers in india


Key Features:
• Storage capacity: 8.5 liters
• Filtration capacity: 15 liters per hour
• 7 stage advanced purification system
• Filtration: RO + UV + UF
• Simple and elegant design
• Prefilter, sediment filter, pre activated carbon filter, aniscalant filter and post UF filter
• Work well for TDS up to 2000 ppm


What sets it apart?

One highly useful feature that stands it unique is the addition of essential minerals in the water. This purifier, apart from removing the dissolved impurities, also works towards improving the water quality by supplementing nutrients and stabilizing the pH. There is a special mineralizer to do the needful.

With the sleek, simple, and classic design, Livpure Touch is suitable for households and offices. Moreover, the device has a mechanism that maintains the pH of the water and lowers down its acidic nature. Overall, it maximizes the value of water and increases its quality.

7 stage purification process
✓ Advance dispensing options one glass, one bottle & continuous flow
✓ Touch Technology
✓ Filter change indication system
✓ Taste enhancer
☓ High Price

Final summary


If you want to install a simple and sober looking yet effective water purifier at your home or office, go with Livpure Touch. It comes at an high price, one year warranty, and on-site support across the country.

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5. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaguard Delight 7-liters RO + UV + MTDS Water Purifier

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If you are looking for an RO water purifier from a reputed brand, Eureka Forbes Aquasure eureka forbes  could be your pick. It is considered as one of the best water purifier in India for home due to its user-friendly interface and excellent service network across India. Coming with a warranty of one year this device offers an affordable water purification facility for Indian homes. Easy installation over the tabletop or wall mounting makes it even better to use.

Best water purifiers in india


Key Features:
• Storage capacity: 7 liters
• Purification: Multi-stage RO + UV + MTDS
• Smart purifier : LED indicators
• Long Lasting Cartridge
• Voltage fluctuation protection
• Large storage tank
• Lightweight and easy to use


What sets it apart?

This water purifier coming at an affordable price range is one among the top 10 water purifiers. The reason behind is its smart voltage fluctuation guard that protects the device from damage due to rise and fall in voltage which is very common in Indian homes. Along with this, the small, compact and lightweight are also a few plus points of the purifier.

Other than these, there is an LED indicator. It alerts about the purification processes and occurrence of errors if any. One year warranty and affordable price are the two biggest USPs of  aquasure eureka forbes water purifier that attracts people.

Multi-stage water purification
✓ Indicators for alerts
✓ Simple design
✓ Easy to install and use
✓ Effective for water from all sources
☓ Very basic design and features
☓ No new technology

Final summary


Coming with basic design and features, this water purifier is one of the best sellers due to attractive price, brand value, and easy after-sale service across the country. This could be your choice if you want a simple, cost-efficient yet effective best water purifier for home.

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Aquaguard price list

6. Kent Ace Mineral 7-Liter 60-Watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

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Another worthy and laudable water purifier from Kent which is also one of the best selling water purifiers in India. With one year warranty and 3 years of free service, this device has gained much-desired popularity among the users. The most interesting fact is an in-built SMPS that controls the voltage fluctuations between 100 to 300 volts. The efficient purification and TDS controller has made it one of the best water purifier for municipal water.

Best water purifiers in india


Key Features:
• Storage capacity: 7 liters
• Purification capacity: 15 liters per hour
• Filtration: RO+UV+UF
• TDS controller, effective against water from different sources.
• Filter change indicator
• Protection from Voltage fluctuations


What sets it apart?

Kent Ace Mineral is one of the best water purifier in India. The highly efficient purification process that utilizes RO, UV, and UF, it ensures you drink hygienically safe and pure water. No matter what is your source of water – lake, river, municipal supply, or bore well; it will work against all and deliver clean and safe water to drink.

Another essential feature is its UV fail alarm that gives an indication as soon it fails and lack the capability to kill the microbes. With its trusted customer support and after-sales service, Kent Ace Mineral is something you can’t refuse.

Compact design
✓ Easy to use
✓ Indicators and alerts
✓ Dual purification
✓ Protects against voltage fluctuations
☓ High price

Final summary


Kent has not left any stone unturned to make a reliable place in the hearts of people. The brand speaks for itself. This purifier is immensely beneficial and makes sure you drink safe and clean water from whatever the supply is. Go for it for an excellent experience.

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7. AO Smith Z9 RO Water Purifier

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Comprising some of the features that are not found in any other water purifiers, this product is worth to take a look. With its amazing 8-stage purification and ultra-modern design, AO Smith Z9 is gaining all the recognition. Whether we talk about its Mineralizer Technology (MIN TECH) or Advanced Recovery Technology, it has surpassed all the expectations and has become one of the best water purifier in 2019. It is easy to use and is suitable for water for all the sources.

Best water purifiers in india


Key Features:

  • Storage capacity: 10 liters- 9.2 liters + 0.8 liter (purified hot water)
  • Purification capacity: 15 liters per hour
  • Filtration: 8 stage- RO+SCMT Purification – Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Carbon Block + ART™ + Side Stream RO membrane + MIN-TECH + ZX Double Protection Dual Filter (Silver Activated Post Carbon block + SCMT)
  • Instant hot water –  45°C for drinking,  80°C for cooking
  • Water level indicatior
  • Smart display with digital reading
  • Night assistance with glowing light
  • Alerts for filter changes and pump failures


 What sets it apart?

With this water purifier, you can get hot, purified water whenever required. Moreover, it also provides the reading for hot water temperature so that you know it is drinkable or not. The purification happens at a faster rate and saves time. Mineraliser Technology delivers the essential minerals to the water that adds to its quality and taste. Also, it acts as a pH balancer and reduces the acidic value of the water, making it perfect for consumption.

Most of the RO water purifiers waste a lot of water during the filtration process. Eliminating this wastage, AO Smith AZ with its Advanced Recovery Technology, saves water. Coming with a warranty of one year that includes filters, membranes and all the parts, this is one of the best water purifier for home and offices.

Purified hot water
✓ Auto-flushes the RO membrane
✓ Excellent storage capacity
✓ Alerts and indicators
✓ Make water healthy and tasty
✓ Saves water
☓ High price

Final summary


Providing hot purified water gives it extra marks, especially during the winters. If budget is not an issue, this could be your final choice among RO water purifiers. Excellent purification and wonderful interface, this is definitely a good buy.

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8. Havells Max Alkaline 7-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier

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Ensuring to provide 100% RO and UV purified alkaline water; Havells Max is one of the top 10 water purifiers in India. With the wonderful futuristic design and the implementation of best in class purification technology, this water purifier is grabbing all the attention. The most appealing fact is the presence of multiple convenience features like consumer-friendly alerts, iProtect purification, after-sale service, and space-saving design that make it one of the best RO water purifier.

Best water purifiers in india


Key Features:

• Storage capacity: 8 liters
• Purification capacity: 15 liters per hour
• Filtration: 7-stage filtration with Absolute Safety through 100% RO & UV Technology
• Alkaline taste enhancer
• iProtect purification monitoring
• Mineralz cartridge for balanced pH
• Electrical protection system


What sets it apart?

Havells guarantees that their water purifiers allow every single drop of water to first pass through RO membrane and then through UV filtration for maximum purification. With its 7-stage purification system and Mineralz cartridge, the water not only remains pure but also within the alkaline level of pH 8 to 10. Alkaline taste enhancer is the USP of the device.

Havells Max also has a unique iProtect Purification that monitors the purification system and cuts off the water if it is no longer safe to drink. It also gives alerts for processes like self-diagnostic, purification, low water pressure, errors in UV and SV, and the case of pump failures. Moreover, the futuristic compact design and a classy, vibrant Pearl White and Navy blue color combination make it look stylish. The transparent water tank adds to its elegance.

Deliver pure, safe and alkaline water
✓ Protection from voltage fluctuations
✓ Sleek and compact design with 3-way mounting
✓ Zero splash faucet
✓ Removable tank
☓ High price

Final summary


Apart from astounding features and highly convenient design, Havells excels in providing top class installation and post-sales service. If the price is not an issue, you should certainly go for Havells Max and drink safe and pure water.

9. Blue Star Majesto 8-Liter RO + UV Water Purifier

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With a unique Aqua Taste Booster (ATB) feature, the Blue Star Majesto becomes one of the best water purifiers in India 2019. There are multiple fascinating features in the device like double-layered water protection, copper impregnated activated carbon and sleek and stylish design that compel people to install it in their home and offices. Perfect for purifying water from all sources and ensuring clean, safe and hygienic water, this is an excellent water purifier from Blue Star to consider

Best water purifiers in india


Key Features:
• Storage capacity: 8 liters
• Purification capacity: 285 liters per hour
• Purification: 6 stage with different filters + RO + UV + ATB
• Child lock
• Superfine sediment filter for extra filtration
• Tank full indicator


What sets it apart?

One feature that distinguishes it from others is Aqua Taste Booster (ATB) that utilizes calcite media. It enhances the taste and maintains an optimum level of pH in water, making it healthier and tastier. With the double-layered protection of RO and UV and 6 stage purification using different filters, this purifier makes a place in the top 10 water purifier.

Other than these, it has copper impregnated activated carbon with anti-bacterial properties that removes the odor and volatile organic compounds. It also kills the harmful bacteria coming through the way of filtration. Another unique feature is child lock that prevents unnecessary wastage of water.

Double layered 6-stage purification
✓ Sleek, compact and elegant design
✓ Child lock button
✓ Tank full indicator
✓ Large purification capacity
☓ No alerts for filter change
☓ Lack of digital display

Final summary


With some unique features like ATB and child lock, Blue Star Majesto has gained some extra points. However, the absence of alerts or indicators and digital display gives it a little downfall. Still, with its double-layered protection and water taste enhancer, it maintains a position in the list of top 10 water purifiers in India.

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10. HUL Pureit Classic RO+UV 5-Litre Water Purifier

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Giving 100% pure, fresh and hygienically safe water, the HUL Pureit Classic is one of the best water purifier in India for home. It utilizes RO and UV protection and ensures removing the dissolved solids, organic and inorganic impurities completely. With HUL Pureit Classic, you get nothing but pure water devoid of all sorts of impurities present in it from the original source. For this reason, it is also considered as the best water purifier for municipal water.

Best water purifiers in india


Key Features:
• Storage capacity: 5 liters
• Purification: 6-stage purification with RO + UV
• TDS controller that can remove up to 1800 ppm
• Break resistance tap preventing water wastage
• Post RO carbon filter


What sets it apart?

The best thing about HUL Pureit Classic is it is perfect for small families and come at a highly affordable price. Moreover, it has RO and UV purification that makes sure you will drink safe, pure, and freshwater. The 6-stage filtration utilizes different filters to remove all the dissolved impurities. No matter what is the source of water, it will remove the impurities entirely.

The compactly designed body coming in blue and white colors look classic and brings style to the home. The sleek design requires only a small space in the wall for mounting. It is one of the most affordable and branded water purifier with RO and UV technology that you can get in the market.

6-stage purification
✓ TDS removal
✓ Good water storage capacity for small families
✓ Prevent water wastage with break resistance tap
✓ Cost-efficient
☓ No display
☓ No alerts for a filter change or pump failure

Final summary


If space is the issue and you can’t buy a bulky and large water purifier, opt for HUL Pureit water filters. Available at a reasonable price and perfect for small families and small spaces, this will be the right choice for people seeking RO and UV purified water.

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Water Purifiers Buyers Guide & Faq

Now that you are well aware of some of the best water purifiers let us dig a little deeper and know the reasons that make water purifiers a necessity.

Why water is important to human health

Water is one of the basic needs of life. Our body requires an adequate amount of water to perform different functions. Water also regulates the body temperature that helps us sustain in extreme climatic conditions. The importance of water to human health is well-familiar.

Our body loses a significant amount of water when we indulge in physical activities. If not, the processes like breathing, sweating, and digestion also decrease a considerable amount. Therefore, it is imperative to replenish this loss of fluid and keep the body hydrated all the time by drinking water.

Best water purifiers in india

At the same time, drinking pure and freshwater is also very important to sustain good health. Today when water pollution is at its peak, and every source of water is getting contaminated, you can’t rely on the tap water. Drinking pure water is as essential as breathing pure air to prevent harmful and deadly water-borne diseases. Therefore, water purification has become utmost important.

Importance of water purification

• Removes the contamination
• Reduces the chances of water-borne diseases
• Adds back the essential minerals to the water
• Lowers down the chlorine level
• Lowers bacteria levels
• Improves the water quality
• Makes the water healthier and tastier


Since there are ample reasons for consuming purified water, different companies have manufactured water purifiers based on different purification techniques.

Types of water purifiers

1. Reverse Osmosis water purifiers

RO water purifiers have a semi-permeable membrane through which the raw water passes. The water pump exerts pressure that removes the dissolved impurities like lead, chlorine, arsenic, nitrates, fluoride, and sulfates. Every metal particle, as well as suspended solids and chemicals, are believed to eliminate with an RO water purifier.

AdvantagesDis Advantages
Eradicates dissolved impurities including salts and metal particlesRun with electricity
Removes water-borne disease causing microorganisms and germsRequires running water
Improves the taste and odor of waterWastes water during purification
They are easy to maintain and cost-effective

2. UV water purifier

Such purifiers utilize ultraviolet light to accomplish water purification. The water passes through the UV lamp that emits UV radiations. As soon as the water is exposed to the UV light, all the germs and microorganisms get killed. UV water purifiers are considered best for water with low TDS like river and lakes. It is not able to treat water with a high level of TDS.

AdvantagesDis Advantages
Purification rate is highDead microorganisms remain in water although they are not harmful
Can purify more water in lesser timeDoes not remove the dissolved metals, contaminants and toxic chemicals
Low maintenance costNot capable enough for water with high TDS
Consumes less electricityNot effective against turbid or mud water
Keep the essential minerals in the water

3. UF water purifier

Ultra filtration (UF) water purifiers utilize hollow fibers of a membrane, made up of a thin layer of materials that can easily separate the water and contaminants. All the solid impurities along with harmful microbes and germs get trapped inside the UF membrane, cleansing the water thoroughly. It is suitable for water with low TDS, low chemical contamination, and low dissolved salts.

AdvantagesDis Advantages
Doesn’t require electricityNot effective against hard water and water with high TDS
Blocks the bacteria and virusesRequires regular cleaning at least twice in a week
Does not uses chemicals for purification
Filter out dirty and muddy water
User-friendly interface
Long lifespan

4. Activated carbon water purifier

Made up of coal, coconut shell, wood, nutshells, and preferably charcoal, an activated carbon eliminates heavy metals and pesticides that may cause water-borne diseases. It also removes harmful chemicals like chlorine from water, making it tastier and odor-free. Activated carbon absorbs the impurities present in the water and passes the purified water in the storage tank.

AdvantagesDis Advantages
Removes pesticides and heavy metalsDoesn’t remove dissolved salts
Removes odorDoesn’t remove microbes and germs
Make water tastier and healthierRequire regular maintenance for better purification
When used with RO water purifiers, it enhances the life of the RO membrane.

5. Sediment filter

Sediment filter is used along with RO and UV water purifiers to remove the sediments that collect at the bottom of the water. Sand particles, mud, metal flakes, rust flakes are some of the unwanted materials that filter out with the help of sediment filter. Generally, sediment filter are made from polyester fibers or cotton.

AdvantagesDis Advantages
Removes the sediment completelyNot able to remove heavy metals, dissolved salt, and microorganisms
Eliminates every visible contaminantRequire regular maintenance
Increases the life of RO and UV by pre-filtering the sediments

Difference between RO, UV and UF water purifiers

FeaturesRO water purifiersUV water purifiersUF water purifiers
Suitable for Underground waterLake, river, municipal water supplyLake, river and municipal water supply
Microorganisms Work against bacteria and viruses and flush them outKills microorganisms but not able to flush them outBlocks the microorganisms
Waste Water Produces a lot of waste waterZero percent of waste waterZero percent of waste water
Dissolved solids Removes dissolved solidsNot effective against dissolved solidsRemoves the dissolved solid
Time to purifyTake much time to purify waterTakes lesser time than RO water purifierTakes lesser time than RO water purifiers
Water tasteChanges the taste of waterTaste remain sameTaste remain same
Storage tankRO water purifiers have a storage tankThey usually do not have a storage tankUF water purifiers have a storage tank
Cost efficiency They are expensiveLess expensive than RO water purifiersInexpensive as compared to RO and UV water purifiers
Requirement of electricity Requires electricity to workRequires electricity to workDoes not require electricity
Water pressure requirement Requires extra tap water pressureCan work with normal tap water pressureCan work with normal tap water pressure

 Different sources of water

Water reaches our home from different sources. Generally, municipal water is the major source of supply in most of the urban cities. However, many households rely on groundwater for their water requirements. Let’s find out the major water sources, their characteristics, and ideal water purifiers for them.

Best water purifiers in india

Surface Water

Water that collects on the surface of the ground comes under surface water. Rivers, lakes, and wetlands are some common examples of surface water that are supplied to the households through municipal. It is also called municipal water.

Generally, surface water is a result of rainwater harvest. The amount of contaminants and impurities are often low. This water is not hard, and the value of the TDS range between 1- 200 ppm. Moreover, the municipal corporation purifies the water before supplying it to the households.

So the question is, do we really need a water purifier for surface water? If yes, then which water purifier- RO, UV or UF?
Why we need a water purifier for surface water?

The need for water purifier for surface water is due to the following reasons:
• Factories and industries dump their thrash, including harmful chemicals and heavy metals into the river, making it contaminated.
• Municipal corporations treat water to remove bacteria and virus and not chemicals and heavy metals.
• Water is purified with the help of chlorine which is not suitable for health and needs further purification.
• Water travel to your tap through pipelines wherein the chances of leakage and contamination are always high.


Which water purifier is best for surface water?

Since the surface water is treated with chlorine, which is harmful to health, activated carbon purification technology can help getting rid of it. RO water purifiers and gravity-based water purifiers are the best choices where the supply is coming from surface water. Almost every RO and gravity-based water purifiers are equipped with activated carbon as one of the purification processes.

Ground Water

Another major source of water supply is from groundwater which is also called borewell water. Since natural sources of water like rivers and lakes are continually depleting, the dependency of bore well is increasing. Although groundwater is suitable for drinking, the level of hardness is considerably high. The TDS ranges between 200-2000 ppm, making it unsafe to drink without purification.

Best water purifiers in india

Which water purifier is best for groundwater?

The level of calcium and magnesium in groundwater are high, making it hard. Although hard water is not health hazardous, it contributes to making the water taste sour. Therefore, you can simply go for an RO water purifier which with its reverse osmosis process check out the traces of heavy metals, if any and improves the taste, odor, color and overall quality of the water.

Note: If you are unsure of the water quality, always go for a water test and confirm the presence of heavy metals and other harmful contaminants. Accordingly, you can decide which water purifier will be the best for you- RO, UV, UF, or simply the gravity-based.


Best water purifiers in india

Total Dissolved Solids or TDS signifies the total concentration of dissolved substances in water that include organic and inorganic salts. Some of the salts that are majorly found dissolved in water include potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, sulfates, bicarbonates, and chlorides and small amounts of organic matter. TDS is expressed in parts per million (ppm) or mg per unit volume of water (mg/L).

TDS Acceptability Level

Total dissolved solids alone are not considered harmful to health. However, when combined with other factors, they could pose health, cosmetic, and aesthetic issues. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), the following acceptability level has been documented:

TDS level in mg/lAcceptability level
Less than 300Excellent quality and perfect to drink
600-900Fairly acceptable
Above 1200Unacceptable range

Consuming water within acceptable TDS range reduces the chances of some of the major health issues. At the same time, drinking water with very less TDS is also not good. For example, if the TDS of water is below 100 ppm, it may result in cardiovascular diseases and hair fall. Also, water with low TDS can dissolve the plastic in which it is kept, increasing the chances of cancer and reduced immunity. On the other hand, water between 50-100 ppm is safe for people with kidney problems due to less dissolved solids.

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set the upper limit of TDS level in drinking water to be 500 ppm. Different countries and organizations have set their own standards. However, the one issued by WHO is considered the most reliable and trustworthy.

Different TDS level and their effects on human health

TDS level in mg/lEffects 
Less than 50 ppmUnacceptable due to less dissolved salts and the essential minerals that are must for human health
50-150 ppmAcceptable level as it contains essential minerals
150-250 ppmIt is perfect especially for people dealing with heart issues
250-350 ppmIt is an acceptable range and found in most of the Indian homes
350-500Fairly acceptable
500-900This is an unacceptable range and requires water purifier to reduce the level back to 500 ppm
900-1200 ppmUnacceptable and require water purifier with TDS controller to reduce the level to at least 500 ppm
1200 and aboveWater with this level should not be drink as it may cause serious health hazards

Hard water Vs. Soft water which one is healthier

The more are the dissolved salts in the water; the more will be its hardness. Hard water, although it is not harmful to health, it can pose a threat if the TDS level is not within an acceptable range (more than 500 ppm).

In fact, a considerable amount of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium are good for health. Therefore, if the TDS level is more than the acceptable range, RO based water purifier becomes essential. An RO water purifier, with the help if its RO membrane, removes the dissolved salts and brings it back to a drinkable form.

Soft water is generally treated water with very less dissolved salt, mostly sodium. The TDS value of the water ranges from 150 to 300 ppm, which is considered perfect for drinking. Therefore, in such cases, there is no need for RO water purifiers. Instead, a simple filter based on gravity can do the needful. For a better result, you can also opt to UV water purifier or activated carbon filtration process to get rid of other dissolved impurities like chlorine.

Impurities different water purifiers can filters

Gravity based water purifiersUV water purifiersRO + UV water purifiers
They are best when water consists of physical impurities like mud, sand, and visible particles. Due to gravity, these particles settle down, making the water free from physical impurities.The ultraviolet radiation used in UV water purifiers kill the harmful microbes including bacteria, virus, protozoan cysts, and much more.RO membrane do not let the dissolved impurities to pass through it and makes the water free from them. Other than physical contaminants, it also removes heavy metals and chemicals like arsenic. UV, on the other hand, kills the germs and other water-borne diseases causing microorganisms.

Criteria to keep in mind before purchasing a water purifier

• Water source
• Storage capacity
• RO+UV or only RO:
• Cost of the water purifier
• Installation
• Annual maintenance cost
• After-sales service
• Warranty
• TDS Controller

Water source:

What is the source of water is one of the essential criteria to keep in mind. Whether you have a municipal supply or the water is coming through the bore well determines the impurities it could hold. Based on the water source, you need to decide which water purifier will meet the needs.

Storage capacity:

How big is the family depicts what should be the storage capacity of your water purifier. Generally, 8-liter storage capacity is perfect for a family of 4 to 5 people. If there are more members opt for the water purifiers with large storage capacity or purification capacity.

RO+UV or only RO:

Know your water quality before making the purchase. If the water consists of only dissolved impurities, you can have only an RO water purifier. However, if the chances of having harmful microbes are also there, go for RO + UV wherein the ultraviolet radiations can kill the germs.

Cost of the water purifier:

Price is always a deciding factor. But we suggest not to compromise on health and buy the water purifier that has all the desired water purification features based on your requirements. Remember, water-borne diseases are sometimes life-threatening. So better be safe than sorry!


Make sure you know whether the installation of the device is free of cost or not. Sometimes, a few companies charge separately when their people come for installation. Ask it in advance to rule out last-minute arguments.

Annual maintenance cost:

A water purifier could become a costly affair if the annual maintenance cost is very high. So make sure it is affordable and do not dig holes in your pocket every year.

After-sales service:

Being an electronic device, a water purifier could have technical defaults while running. You would require a competent person, preferably from their company to resolve the issue. Therefore, know about the after-sales service of the company so that your problems can be worked out without much hassle.


A good warranty period escapes you from the issues that may arise in the initial few years of using the water purifier. The more is the warranty period, the better it is.

TDS Controller:

TDS is one of the factors that determine the quality of water. Make sure the water you are drinking has an acceptable TDS range (between 50 to 300 ppm). An inbuilt TDS controller read out the value of dissolved solids and maintains it within the drinkable range.

Some important FAQs

1. Which water purifier is the best?

A purifier that utilizes combined and advanced purification technologies can make water utmost pure and clean and are therefore considered the best. Kent water purifiers come in affordable range and are equipped with the technically advanced features. So, you can opt for them.

2. Which is better RO or UV?

Both RO and UV have their own features and capabilities to clean the water. While RO water purifiers use an RO membrane to filter and remove the dissolved impurities, UV uses ultra violate radiation to kill germs and other harmful microbes. So, categorizing one as better than the other is not fair. In fact, the best water purifier will be the one which consists of both RO and UV purification technology.

3. Is RO water harmful?

No, RO water is completely safe to drink. There is a general misconception that RO removes the essential minerals from the water. On the contrary, RO water is free from a large number of contaminants and dissolved impurities that are present in tap water. It gives fresh and clean water and is perfectly safe to drink.

4. How can I check my home water TDS?

You can easily check the TDS of water at your home with the help of a TDS meter. You can find this device anywhere in the market or online. Follow the instructions written on it and know how much the TDS of your water is.

5. What is a good TDS level?

As per the World Health Organization, the right level of TDS is up to 500 ppm. If the TDS is above 500 ppm, it requires purification to control the TDS and make it acceptable.

6. Is RO water good for hair?

Yes. RO water lacks dissolved impurities and chemicals. The hardness of the water is also low, which is definitely good for hair. RO water is believed to reduce the hair fall and make them healthy.

7. Should you buy an RO water purifier online?

Different eCommerce websites give lucrative deals and offer in their products. You can compare the store rates from that of online and get the purifier where it is more cost-effective. Buying RO water purifier online could be a good choice if you are getting it at a lower price than the store.

8. Which is the best water purifier for municipal water?

Municipal water, although is treated, contains chlorine which is harmful to health. Also, the water reaches the houses through pipelines which could be damaged and leaking. It welcomes contamination and infestation of harmful microorganisms. Therefore, a water purifier with RO + UV technology will be the best water purifier for municipal water.


The ever increasing water pollution has made water purifier as one of the necessities. Now that you have got a detailed insight into different water purifiers and when and why they should be used, make the right choice and get the one which fulfills all your requirements. It is about the well-being of you and your family and being away from different water-borne diseases. So get the best water purifier and be safe than sorry!

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